Class LongIntegralImage

  extended by mpicbg.ij.integral.LongIntegralImage
All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class LongIntegralImage
extends Object
implements IntegralImage

Summed area table using 64bit signed integer precision. This table can be used safely for 16bit unsigned integer precision images with a maximal size of >231 px which is ImageJ's size limit due to usage of a single basic type array for pixel storage. For the squares of 16bit unsigned integer precision images, the size limit is two pixels less (231-2 px) which should not impose a practical limitation. These limits are calculated for the extreme case that all pixels have the maximum possible value.

Boolean or byte integer precision images and their squares are safe.

Stephan Saalfeld

Field Summary
protected  long[] sum
Constructor Summary
LongIntegralImage(ImageProcessor ip)
Method Summary
 int getHeight()
 long getLongSum(int x, int y)
 long getLongSum(int xMin, int yMin, int xMax, int yMax)
 int getScaledSum(int xMin, int yMin, int xMax, int yMax, float scale)
 int getSum(int xMin, int yMin, int xMax, int yMax)
 int getWidth()
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Field Detail


protected final long[] sum
Constructor Detail


public LongIntegralImage(ImageProcessor ip)
Method Detail


public final int getWidth()
Specified by:
getWidth in interface IntegralImage


public final int getHeight()
Specified by:
getHeight in interface IntegralImage


public final long getLongSum(int x,
                             int y)


public final long getLongSum(int xMin,
                             int yMin,
                             int xMax,
                             int yMax)


public final int getSum(int xMin,
                        int yMin,
                        int xMax,
                        int yMax)
Specified by:
getSum in interface IntegralImage


public final int getScaledSum(int xMin,
                              int yMin,
                              int xMax,
                              int yMax,
                              float scale)
Specified by:
getScaledSum in interface IntegralImage

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