Package mpicbg.imagefeatures

Class Summary
Feature Local image feature TODO Replace the Transformation descriptors by a InverseCoordinateTransform.
FloatArray Simple float array that stores all values in one linear array.
FloatArray2D Simple 2d float array that stores all values in one linear array.
FloatArray2DMOPS This implementation actually uses the DoG-detector as described by \cite{Lowe04} and extracts local intensity patches from coarser scales similar to what was described by \cite{BrownAl05} as Multi-Scale Oriented Patches.
FloatArray2DScaleOctave single octave of a discrete FloatArray2DScaleSpace This class is optimized for the Difference Of Gaussian detector used in David Lowe's SIFT-algorithm \citep{Loew04}.
FloatArray2DScaleOctaveDoGDetector Difference Of Gaussian detector on top of a scale space octave as described by Lowe (2004).
FloatArray2DSIFT Scale Invariant Feature Transform as described by David Lowe \cite{Loew04}.

Enum Summary

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