Class AbstractAffineModel1D<M extends AbstractAffineModel1D<M>>

  extended by mpicbg.models.AbstractModel<M>
      extended by mpicbg.models.AbstractAffineModel1D<M>
Type Parameters:
M -
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Affine1D<M>, Boundable, CoordinateTransform, InverseBoundable, InverseCoordinateTransform, InvertibleBoundable, InvertibleCoordinateTransform, Model<M>
Direct Known Subclasses:
AffineModel1D, TranslationModel1D

public abstract class AbstractAffineModel1D<M extends AbstractAffineModel1D<M>>
extends AbstractModel<M>
implements InvertibleBoundable, Affine1D<M>

Stephan Saalfeld
See Also:
Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class mpicbg.models.AbstractModel
cost, rnd
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void estimateBounds(double[] min, double[] max)
          Estimate the bounds of an n-dimensional interval [min,max] with min and max being n-dimensional vectors.
 void estimateInverseBounds(double[] min, double[] max)
          TODO not yet tested!
abstract  double[] getMatrix(double[] m)
Methods inherited from class mpicbg.models.AbstractModel
betterThan, filter, filter, filter, filterRansac, filterRansac, filterRansac, filterRansac, fit, fit, getCost, icp, localSmoothnessFilter, ransac, ransac, setCost, test, test
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Methods inherited from interface mpicbg.models.Affine1D
concatenate, createInverse, preConcatenate, toArray, toMatrix
Methods inherited from interface mpicbg.models.CoordinateTransform
apply, applyInPlace
Methods inherited from interface mpicbg.models.InverseCoordinateTransform
applyInverse, applyInverseInPlace
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copy, fit, getMinNumMatches, set

Constructor Detail


public AbstractAffineModel1D()
Method Detail


public abstract double[] getMatrix(double[] m)


public void estimateBounds(double[] min,
                           double[] max)
Description copied from interface: Boundable
Estimate the bounds of an n-dimensional interval [min,max] with min and max being n-dimensional vectors.

Specified by:
estimateBounds in interface Boundable


public void estimateInverseBounds(double[] min,
                                  double[] max)
                           throws NoninvertibleModelException
TODO not yet tested!

Specified by:
estimateInverseBounds in interface InverseBoundable

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