Package inra.ijpb.morphology

Mathematical Morphology filters and reconstructions.

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Package inra.ijpb.morphology Description

Mathematical Morphology filters and reconstructions.

This package contains several classes for computing various morphological filtering operations (such as dilation, erosion, opening...) as well as plugins based on geodesic reconstruction of images.

Morphological filtering involves structuring elements of various shapes. Most of the processing is done by the structuring elements themselves. The interface Strel defines the general contract for structuring element, and the class Morphology contains static methods corresponding to each classical operation.

The class GeodesicReconstruction performs morphological geodesic reconstruction of a grayscale marker image within a grayscale mask image. This class is used by the two plugins FillHolesPlugin and KillBordersPlugin. More specialized algorithms are provided in the geodrec package

Another common task is the detection of regional minima or maxima. A more powerful approach is to use extended minima or maxima, by specifying a parameter of dynamic that allows to focus on relevant extrema. Static methods are provided in the MinimaAndMaxima and MinimaAndMaxima3D classes.